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Reloaction Guide for Soldotna Alaska from Real Estate Agent

Soldotna Relocation Guide

To help with your move, we’ve listed key websites below for your convenience, from whom to call for electricity to the delivery of the paper. If you have any questions, any one of these websites will be glad to assist you, so welcome to Soldotna! We know you’ll love it here!

Official Site

Chamber of Commerce

Central Emergency Services
Volunteer Firefighters

Police Department

Soldotna Local Government


Natural Gas & Propane

Enstar Natural Gas
36225 Kenai Spur Hwy
Soldotna, AK
(907) 262-9334 - Phone
(907) 264-3752 - Fax

Water & Sewer

City of Soldotna
177 North Birch Street
Soldotna, AK 99669
Phone: 907-262-9107
Fax: 907-262-1245


Time Warner Cable


Charter Communications


City Maps and Demographic Statistics

Fact Finder


Kenai Peninsula Clarion
Esther Chambers
Esther Chambers
170 N Birch St # 102 Soldotna AK 99669